Do You Know The Character?

Developing a character can be a tricky process. Yes, there is tons of information on how to create a character. All that information can be over whelming and misleading, because developing a character is more than just a name and a body. The fiction that I have been reading lately by some new authors, have been giving me just that; body and a name.

When we talk about character development, we are talking about giving birth to another human being. You want the baby to come here to this world physically and mentally developed, but what is a baby without a personality.

I can’t pen and paper draw. I should be put in jail for my terrible hand writing, but I can create people’s personalities in my mind very well. There is a process I read a long time ago that I use, and now I want to share this process with you.

I first create my character in my mind physically. Of course, I need a body. I need the body so I can become friends are enemies with my character. I then pretend that the character and I will have some type of meeting. I sat down and type out an interview with the character. I actually pretend that we are at some café having coffee and I get to catch up with my character. Honey, you will be surprised at the things people will tell you over a cup of coffee.

I remember this character I was writing about named Daymon. He was a teenager, and not only did his father beat the living breaks off his mom, Daymon was OCD. He liked to count things and was very bothered by his condition. Here was this tough drug dealer guy who was annoyed by the fact that he counted things all the time. Then there was this other female character I created in my head when I was in college. She was a beauty queen. She was always in pageants, but little Ms. Perfect had a nasty secret. She couldn’t wipe her ass correctly. No matter how she tried and how much tissue she used she always ended up with poop stains in her panties. I was just being the listener and confidant friend to this young lady. I could have suggested she used wipes and carry them in her purse, but I didn’t say anything. I didn’t like her so I wanted her to know that nobody is perfect. Cute-cartoon-characters-03-vector-material-20603

Do you get what I am saying? Make people real as can be. Give your characters scars and stretchmarks. Make their breath stink sometimes. I have even read about adult characters eating mucus out there nose. Make the reader feel uncomfortable some times. Trust me your readers will live you for that.

Author K.E Toy    


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