When Do Writers Have Time to Write


Writing when you have a family to take care of can be hectic. I read so many novels by different authors who say that they write in the morning before anyone rises. God I wish I had that type of strength. By the time I get my kids home it’s a war zone in my house. First, there is home work, next there is some unknown project that is due the next day. Then there is dinner, baths, and bed. After I have finished taking care of my family I am drained. I usually sat down in front of my computer late at night with a cup of tea and watch my screen.

The next distraction is the internet. Sometimes I’m at my computer with the phone at the desk. As soon as I have started on my next paragraph of a potential novel there is the blue are green light blinking on my phone. I am constantly getting texts and emails from all over the place. I will find myself on Instagram browsing through quotes for my Facebook page for at least 30 minutes. In my opinion thirty minutes is good time for some character development not Instagram.

Having a job while writing is also a major hassle. I have been writing for years, but it wasn’t until I became unemployed that I was able to finish a complete novel. I only found time to write on the weekends, unfortunately I only produced short stories. I have over fifty short stories just sitting there wanting attention. Everyone knows that supporting yourself as a full time author is grounds for a homeless shelter and a soup kitchen. Thank God for my supporting spouse. Don’t get me wrong you can support yourself on your work, but it takes time to gain an audience, and really get the swing of the writing community. Now I work part-time and PRN. It is every authors dream to make a living on their creative mind.

The key to being an author is writing and to P-U-S-H (Persist Until Success Happens). You have to write when you are sad. Write when you are happy. Write when the world is sating on your butt and you feel like you can’t breathe. Well, if you can’t breathe please get to your local health care provider. I hope you get the point. There is an old saying “a writer without a pen is like a naked nun at the pulpit” I may be a little extreme, but my process works for me.

By: Author K.E Toy




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