Plot Me A Story

What is plot? Plot is mainly getting from point A to point B in a story. You need to know where you are going and you need to figure out how you will get there. A story is not a story if there is no plot. Something needs to happen. Things and people need to change. Isn’t our lives just one big plot. You just didn’t wake up this morning. Something’s happened when you woke up. You opened your eyes, brushed your teeth, washed up, cooked breakfast, called some one, went to work, saw a police, ran over a cat. You get it? Something happened and now you are reading this blog.

For instances, If a character named Sara killed her neighbor, what next? You need to have all the stuff in between. The juicy stuff and then Sara’s ultimately arrest from the police or her death. Do you get it? A plot is how you get to where you are going. Some people do outlines of Plot, but I like to follow a diagram. I like to use fairy tale stories to teach people about plots  here is a sample diagram


Hope this helps!!

By Author K.E Toy


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