Getting rid of writers block can be challenging. I know many writers especially fictional writers suffer from the terrible writers block disease. This disease can sneaks up at any moment without warning. You may write four thousand words one day and the next day you can’t even get fifty words together on paper. It happens to the best writers and the worst ones.

Why do writers get writers blockage? Well, I don’t have an exact answer, but I do have some speculations. One speculation that I am going to stick with is striving for perfection. Many writers want that perfect story. They want that next New York best seller. What writer doesn’t want to see their characters coming alive in some Hollywood studio? That’s a curse for writers “Perfection”. When writers stare at an empty screen the focus shouldn’t be making the perfect paragraph. The focus should just be on writing. Worry about what you have written after it has been wrote.


Another speculation that may have something to do with writers block is everyday stressors. Many writers have other jobs that just takes the creative energy flow away. Family issues can also damage a writers flow. What writers have to realize is that writing is therapy. Now this speculation may be true for the true writers, because there are many imitators out there. Therapy means “the cure”. If you are depressed, stressed, angry, are just sick. Writing can be your “Cure”. To be able to write the mind must go somewhere else. You must be able to leave all present reality and create your own world. Now this is an escape for creative writers writing fiction. Non-Fiction writers need to do research to use writing as their therapy. Non-Fiction writers need to read, read, read and then write. If past issues are the causing a blockage a memoir can become the best million dollar therapy out there. The thing with memoirs to remember is that real people will be your characters so be truthful with their personality and actions.

Yes, writers’ blockage can become a pain in the rear, but we must write. Writing crap can turn into gold nuggets.

Author K.E Toy


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