Being Self Published



I wake up in the middle of the night and set my alarm for 7 am on a Saturday morning. “I got to get up and finish this story.” Those are the thoughts that run across my mind most weekend mornings. I try to get at least 2000 words in a day, but I’m blessed to get 500 words on paper. Then I have to make breakfast for everyone, clean something up, and just be mom. My writing gets neglected most of the time, but surprisingly I manage to finish a book.

 Now here goes the fun part. I have to edit. EDITING is a task sent by the devil himself. It’s especially hard for me, because I don’t edit as I write so I have to start from scratch, and look at my horrible mistakes. I’m not a rich person and really can’t afford to pay for someone to edit my work so I put my English Literature degree to work, and red pen my own shit. I don’t hold back on myself either. Not only am I grammar criticizing myself, but my sentencing structure gets the black boot. This process takes me a few weeks. I use to do my own covers, but I found this amazing guy who works for me in that area. Hell I realized yes I’m a writer, but I’m not a designer. I can’t do it all.

I write for fun! I’ve been writing for a long time. It’s just a hobby that I really and truly enjoy along with reading. My books want be liked by most people I realized that, but writing is a release for me. Writing has become therapy, and as long as I got a pen in my hand or a keyboard in front of me my stories will keep coming.  I don’t mind not making money most writers don’t. In total, my first Novella “Jones” had about forty reads, with some positive feedback. I still haven’t completed the sequel to Jones. My short story “Chronicles of Ceton Hill had about twenty reads or somewhere in that range. Most writers don’t make money, but some get lucky. I don’t mind being the “starving artist” as long as I’m doing what I love. I have a “Job, Job” lol that pays the bills. I see many people on YouTube and other sites using their books to pay bills. All I can do is wish them the best!

By K.E Toy        


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