Acceptance and Letting Go


As I sat through the movie “War on the planet of the Apes” I begin to view society from a different perspective. In the movie the focus was on a battle of who would survive, either the apes or the humans. I saw a deeper message. Hate! Yes, hate was the overall message throughout the movie. I was able to see how hate can destroy an entire human race. This movie got me to thinking about all the grudges and ill feelings that I have held against people. Who was I hurting? Please believe that the people who I have had ill wishes upon probably sleeping good and I never once crossed their minds.

A few years ago I was diagnosed with arthritis. I was twenty-seven years old and yet my body was breaking down like a seventy year old. What was happening to me? I was browsing through the book store and stumbled upon a book about how the mind breaks down the body. I begin to think about all the people in my past who had caused some type of pain in my life. I thought about an old boyfriend, ex-friends, family members, jobs that had fired me and jobs I just quit etc. All this baggage was still in my heart and I was still feeling some type of hate or regret  about each one. I knew I had to learn ways to get rid of  these types of feelings. The book had deep lessons on how to meditate. I begin my healing process.

Don’t get me wrong the healing journey was not easy. I must admit that I am still on this journey. I fight with my emotions every day to let go of burdens. Each night before bed I had a routine. I did not care how tired I was I sat aside fifteen minutes of my time to just clear my thoughts. I let my mind relax. I didn’t think about my kids, husband, bills, past relationships. I went numb for just fifteen minutes. It was hard to concentrate but it was worth it. After a year of full commitment I went back for my check up and the arthritis tested negative.



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