College, or Not?


I can remember my college graduation like yesterday. However, yesterday has turned into seventeen years ago. I remember sitting in that fold up chair waiting for my name to be called this was one of the most exciting times of my life. I had no clue what my life would be like without those high school walls. I had determined that I would travel the world by any means necessary. I wanted to travel and be a sort of new millennial hippie, whatever that meant.
My mom and everyone else asked the question are you going to school meaning college. My answer was firm and solid “No, more school”. I wanted to get a little job and live off the land or other people. Those plans were quickly cut short. I stayed in New Orleans with my uncle for a few months and couldn’t even land a job at the grocery store. I woke up at five thirty in the morning to start my job hunt and with no luck I was stuck. After a few months of city life, I went home to mom. I still searched and searched but there was still no luck in the job market for me.
After being broke for a year and living at my mom’s house, I made the decision to move to my current city with my sister. I finally landed a job at a day care. I enjoyed the work but the pay was poor. How was I going to support myself off of minimum wage for the rest of my life? On one of my lunch breaks, I looked up and saw a sign to a community college. Humm, I had ran and ran for two years from college, why don’t I just call and try something different. This was a thought that was pounding my mind.  I made that brave call that changed my life. I was twenty years old entering as a freshman in a community college. I barely got through high school, but here I was excelling in college with a 3.7 grade point average.
Now that you have made it this far in my little tale of my journey stick with me a bit longer. I completed a Bachelor’s degree and guess what I was still jobless. I found jobs but I was not satisfied. Now by this time I had a little family, my husband and my son. My husband was a big supporter for me emotionally and financially. He suggested I go back to school and give it another shot. Here I was again sitting in a Literature class starting this thing over again. This time though my learning was a little different. I loved reading fiction and my god I thought I was in heaven. I was introduced to new worlds, people, and times through books that gave me a gratification similar to sex. Yes, honey, this girl loves a good book. By the time I finished my literature degree I had another person in my life. She was a tiny little person that made my heart melt.

Amongst all these things I finally found some jobs. These jobs were mediocre and just didn’t pay enough. Here I was again feeling incomplete. There goes my husband’s deep voice “Well, just go back to school.” The guy just keeps my brain in constant drive. I took that GRE and there I was sitting in another classroom working toward a professional degree.
I have had some of my best experiences in college. I have met the most unique people and have built friendships and acquaintances from college. Now I’m going to give you a list of pros and cons of college.


You make meaningful and lasting relationships in college. Some people even find their true love right there on a college campus. Many people join fraternities and sororities, which are great for self-esteem and social confidence. Many people start to build professional relationships in order to get in other professional graduate programs, business relationships and job security after college.
The reality of life that it’s hard to make friends in the real world. College bridges a social barrier and close bonds develop.

Mind Building
It is a proven fact that your mind begins to develop and grow in college. On large campuses you are introduces to people from many different backgrounds and cultural. You start to develop an understanding and respect for how many people.
Worldviews start to expand. How you felt about another race in high school may be different when you are on a college campus. You gain a sense of perception and point of view.

College Degree
Having a college degree makes you more competitive in the job market. It used to be experience weighed heavily on certain jobs, but now because of advance technologies many companies are searching for that person with the college degree. Even factories who often hire high school diplomas are searching for college degrees to run their companies. So matter what you will do with your degree somebody out there in the job market is willing to pay top dollars for your college educated skills.

Financial Cost
Yes, it’s true if you didn’t get a scholarship and maintained that scholarship throughout college you will be paying for that degree. College can get pretty expensive even the books cost too much. Student loans are the main topics amongst college graduates.
After college you may land a job that pays 30,000 a year but owe 80,000 in student loans that includes interest. However you can defer them as many times as they allow. The question is for anyone is that paper really worth the financial strain.

Envy Issues
Many people want to be happy about your college degree. You may have went to school and gained tons of knowledge. You now speak a little differently, write differently, and think completely differently than your once peers that you grew up with who did not go to college. Many people will feel that you have changed, and a lot of people just don’t like change and that’s reality. Your salary maybe more than the person next to you who has been doing the same job for twenty years. The boss may move you up to a higher position and higher pay because of that degree. Many people on that job will stop speaking to you and feel some type of way. A college degree is poplar and the poplar people are sometimes seen as a threat. Sometimes it helps to let people know that although you may not have physically did hard labor to get that degree, you worked hard for many years mentally without pay to get to where you deserve to be.

It’s true some people are just not ready for college and college just isn’t for them. Being on campus can be stressful. A person is finally away from home with no authority figures watching them go to class, do homework, and stay out all night. Being thrown into an adult role with a few adult responsibilities can be a stressful transition. These people will just stop going to class. They fall behind on school work or the work is just too complicated for them.
Many people drop out the first semester of college and never return. However, there are many counselors on campuses to help individuals get through the rough years of college and help them overcome immaturity.

BY: Author Kim Elaine

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