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Moving Mountains with Usher

I tried to stay away from the Usher topic, but it was just too tempting. Apparently, Usher like many of these celebrities decided to have what I like to call “loose sex”. Mr. handsome, and yes despite the fact that he has an STD, he still has a nice body and is sexy as hell. Well, he has went and reportedly gave some lady HERPES. He is accused of giving the STD to more than one female. I’m not taking up for anyone out here spreading diseases, but we live in a world where this could have been prevented.


These women are putting themselves too far out there for these celebrities. Just because he or she is famous, honey, they are still human. They get colds, high blood pressure, and all the other sicknesses the rest of us regular folks get. My battle is with these females and society. I will pull the trigger on Usher later.

First let me break down how these females brains work. So, they willingly begin an intimate relationship with a “man” not a “god” nor a “super hero” but man. They have conscious sex with him. Even go into details about giving him oral sex in their apartment and now the surf board is on fire. On top of all this they are taking this man to court for $10 million, or is it $20 million? Whatever the amount is it irrelevant? How dare any woman put herself in a risky situation and blame someone else for their down fall?

Using their own free will to make a judgment and now they want the world to feel sympathy. My grandmother would always say “if you make your bed hard you will sho’ have to lay in it”. Usher was not any of these this lady’s husband. Usher was an acquaintance who had sparked up an intimate relationship. That’s what girlfriends and boyfriends are “intimate relationships”. Usher is a famous sex symbol and because of who he is there should have been safe sex practices each encounter.

You see this is why I get so passionate about celebrities and their lifestyles. It’s because of the way society has forced us regular people to view them. WE listen to the music and watch the videos, watching them in movies and our minds become enchanted with a make believe story of these famous people. Little girls lose their innocence by shaking their asses all over the internet hoping to be recognized by a celebrity or hoping to become a celebrity themselves.

Sex has become play time with no repercussions in this fairy tale land of fame. After ll the glorified fame you end up in some doctor’s office getting devastating test results explained to you. Next, they sit around and plot asking questions “what am I going to do now?” The only answer is to use the nasty results or embarrassing moments to make themselves famous and rich. Ooops, sorry to leak out a thots hustle, but it is what it is. We all know the game now from the Kim Kardashian’s to the Black Chyna’s of the world. My question to these ladies is this, twenty years from now will all the money and fame be worth your soul?


Usher seems to be taking life as a joke right now, but he is not the only celebrity. We all know that Usher pretty much grew up in the industry. Usher is not a new artist who hustle is to make money doing shows and downloads. This man grew up in an era when all you had to do was put out an album, set a release date, and sell over a hundred million records, easily. Doing a concert was like getting a part time gig. It’s a new day and I’m pretty sure the industry has taken advantage of Usher. However, this does not allow him to take advantage of women. Usher is no longer a child in this game. He is a grown man with children. He forced his ex-wife to give up custody of their sons. If you are not responsible enough to wear protection knowing you are not clean down there, then your parenting skills should really come into question.


I’m not against dating celebrities, but they are not immune to life. Never let anyone get you in a position where you are jeopardizing your health and safety. Always remember that sometimes “Confessions” need to remain secrets, because all the money in the world cannot repair a broken spirit.

Author Kim Elaine


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