Chasing Barbie

I was in the grocery store minding my business. My daughter was running around looking for grapes in the fruit section. As I walk toward the bananas I can’t help but turn around and watch this lady walk away. As she was walking I noticed that her butt looked uneven. I turn my head and quickly toss my banana’s in the basket.
This isn’t the first one sided ass I have seen. I pull up my Instagram page and it’s like a grocery store full of cosmetic surgery, and those awful butt jobs. There is someone always in the news showing Kim Kardashians body off or talking about the lip injections one of her younger sisters has received.

Changing your body to something that is advertised through photo shopping has become the norm. After a few sessions in a gym and you don’t get the results some doctor with a knife will happily help out.
What ever happened to the “I love my body as it is.” Have we as a people become so vein that we are willing to go broke and be put in tremendous pain just for a few looks and likes on social media.


Don’t get me wrong if someone has become disfigured through some unfortunate situation than plastic surgery may save that person’s life. I’m talking about the vanity people out here disfiguring there body because of self-consciousness. Will a big, butt and breast that sit up to your ears really give you happiness. Some of these women get repeated surgeries to fix another surgery. These doctors don’t care if fixing a nose five times might cause your face to collapsed. They just want your money. Then there are African American women beaching their skin to fit in to what society considers as ‘beautiful”, as if black skin that glistens under the sun isn’t beautiful. O, I get it black skin just isn’t beautiful enough.
I have had children and no my body does not look like it did when I was seventeen. I work out, eat healthy, watch my weight and take care of myself to the best of my ability. I have accepted that I want ever be seventeen again. My tummy doesn’t look like I stepped out of an airbrushed magazine. Despite the fact that I put in extra time toning the tummy, my little mommy puff is hanging in there. However, I love myself and my energy level is through the roof.
I refuse to spend countless of money to redo the aging process. I say to myself every birthday “Thank God I made it this far gray hairs and all. I’m in my thirties, taking life by handle bars and riding that bitch till I fall off. No matter how much surgery you get to fix something no surgeon can fix your self-esteem, only temporary.

Author Kim Elaine


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