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Stay At Home Jobs 2017

The Job Market can be “tuff”. Working long hours for someone else and living pay check to pay check is just another way to keep the poor, poorer and the rich richer. Some people may enjoy working for someone else, because of the security of health benefits, retirement and just security of having something to do day to day. Everyone isn’t a boss and this is clearly understood. However, If you are looking for ways to build income or just have some extra income you have reached the right article. Remember “Rome was not built in a day”. Some get lucky working from home and some of us work our butts off to reach that at- home income.

Here is a list of things that you can do if you want to become your own boss.

Become a Tutor:

If you are skilled in a certain area you would be surprised of the people out their who could use your help. Many children and adults are taking classes and just need help in certain subject areas such as Reading, Math, English, Biology, Chemistry, Act, SAT, and other entry level test. You can advertise by making flyers and posting them on line or around your community. I became a tutor through word of mouth. Remember to already have your prices set and a location to meet your students. Many libraries rent rooms and they are quiet. You can also sign up on web sites such and the round table. Remember these sites will get a percentage of your money. You can also tutor virtually this helps to expand your services out of state.

Child Care Service:

This market comes and goes, but if you have the patience with children you can make an income. If you don’t have a lot of money for a building to keep children, you can start this at home. Many states have rules and regulation’s on how many children you can keep in your home. You would have to check with your states regulations on their health department website. There’s tons of information on childcare services. To  compete in this market make sure to offer learning services and do the job. Parents will love you for teaching there three year old to write and spell their name.  If you have a roomy home, start out with just two or three children. Advertise yourself through word of mouth, flyers online and around your area. I was told a story of a young lady who started babysitting in her apartment, and now she owns three childcare centers in Tulsa, Oklahoma.





Home Health Agency:



You can either hire yourself out to sit with the elderly or you can offer your sitting services. As the baby booming generation is getting older and reaching retirement age they will need home health services. Many elderly don’t need full time care such as nursing homes. Many of them just need someone to visit a few hours a day to do daily duties such as, house keeping, bathroom assistance, grocery shopping and company. If you are an individual who cares about senior citizens needs being met, this may be your calling. Remember many of these individuals are receiving SSI and retirement be sure to set your prices so that they are reasonable to your customers.


Business mom with baby.

If you enjoy writing and I mean writing all day this may be the job for you. You can become a freelance writer for a company or you can build a website and start from there. If you choose to start your own blog and monetize it you must be ready to write like your life depends on it. You can start by getting money on google ads, but once you do the research in this market the money will come in other ways.  There is so much competition out here so you have to publish daily. You can write on fashion, celebrity gossip, health and fitness and mommy blogs. Make sure you chose a topic you are passionate about. If you choose a topic such as health related issues because its popular, but you really don’t know much about health stuff you will have a hard time. is a site that hires writer’s daily also is a way to get your skills out there.

You can Vlog on YouTube, but this is tricky. YouTube wants you to be consistent and put out massive videos. You have to build your subscribers up so that YouTube can share their wealth.

Become an Author

If you love to write and tell stories or inspire people write a book. The internet has made life much easier to publish books. You must first have the content. A novel consist of at least 60,000 words and a self help book has about 80,000 words. Once you have your material you must find an editor. You can find one on certain websites’ for a pricey cost, but please do some research to find an editor. Then you have to create a cover that is attracting. You can use Amazon KDP site and host your book. I have heard that  creative is very helpful in getting  authors material out here.

Web Site Designer:

If you have a love for computers and enjoy creating things on them become a website designer. You can advertise your skills on social media and locally. There are also free courses on YouTube to teach Website design skills. Remember to have prices set for the services you offer. PayPal is everyone’s friend when working online also.

Selling items:

If you have a skill such as T-shirt making, candle making, making Dresses, selling intimate items, makeup etc. You can make money. You have to advertise your self on social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram. Let people see your work. Create a Facebook business page. Facebook business pages are platforms to sell things and they even have a built in button for people to purchase items right off your site. Remember please ship people their stuff on time and make sure it looks like what you are advertising. The last thing any business needs is bad review. Although bad reviews will happen avoid them at all cost.


Be careful of shipping food items, and lotions and creams. I have heard some nightmare stories of people getting sued for food poisoning, there are certain laws about shipping food to different places be sure to brush up on those before you start your business. A small company was sued from a self made skin cream. The customer claimed the maker of the cream did not list all her ingredients. The Customer won an 80,000 dollar law suit.


Direct Sales:  

This is a good area if you are a good sales person. You can start a small platform just by selling, and other brands. If you know a whole sell market you can even find and sell your own brand. There are countless hair companies who buy and sell hair under their name. You can also sell makeup. The trick with selling under you brand name is to find a whole sell warehouse and develop a contact to sell their products. People become millionaires doing this strategy.

The key To any of this is finding you niche, doing the research and just putting your self out there. Stop keeping up with other people. Keeping up with competition is the biggest down fall of many. You can not watch your paper if you are looking all around trying to see what everyone else is doing. You have to become focused on you and only you. Now get started!

Author Kim Elaine

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