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Jackie Christine’s Daughter Ta’kari Lee Tells All In New Book

It has been an ongoing battle between Jackie Christie and her daughter Ta’kari Lee. Ta’kari put up a gofundme account for her son’s medical expenses. The child suffered third degree burns.

 In the mean time, Evelyn Lozada decided to donate 3000 dollars into the gofundme account, causing more tension. Who knows if Evelyn ment good or was just throwing shade. However, Jackie has not donated any funds toward her grandson as of yet, according to Ta’kari.

Ta’kari has been on Essence doing an interview where she releases all the demons in her and her mother’s relationship. 

Ta’kari has even put a tell all book out exposing her childhood experiences with her mother. The memoir is titled ” Lights To My Shadow” Here is an excerpt from the book


 Ta’kari claims that her mother was both physical and mentally abusive to her as a child. Ta’kari also takes to social media often to express her greviances against her mother.

There is more to Jackie and Ta’kari’s relationship. Why would a child create their mom out to be a monster if it wasn’t true.

Jackie has posted pictures of Ta’kari’s childhood all over Instagram and is defending her character hard. Everyone has there own perspectives on how past memories happened.

This family needs Iyanla Vanzant.They need more than Basketball wives counselors to fix this family mess.

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