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Three Year Old Dies in Hot Day Care Van

A three year old want be making his birthday this month. On Monday morning, Myles got onto a daycare Van and headed to Little Miracles Academy located in Orlando, Florida.

When the Daycare driver returned to the center and unloaded the children, they apparently did not notice the baby still left on the Van.

Later that afternoon, Myle’s grandmother called the center after the child had not returned home. A worker checked the Van, only to find the baby unconscious on the floor.

The child was left in the hot Van all day long, temperatures reached around 93 degrees, an autopsy is in the process to make sure this is a heat related death.

So sad, to think that your child is in a safe place, only to find out they have been forgotten about. Most daycares call to see why a child did not come to school that morning. It is a law in most states to keep a record of every child. Why didn’t the driver do a loading on and loading off count.

This is pure neglect.



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