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Eight Month Old Baby Girl Found In Trash Bag

An eight month old baby is recovering in a  New York state hospital. The baby spent three days stuffed in a garbage bag.

Residents told the Elmira Police department that they heard a noise, and thought it was an animal.

Neighbor Kayla Seals told police she thought it was an animal, but knew something was wrong. Seals walked toward the garbage to investigate the noise. 

As she got closer to the trash, she noticed the babies feet dangling. Seals said she yelled “Its a baby you guy’s.”

 Seals said she pulled the eight month old baby girl out the garbage and ran inside with her. 

She stated “She was barely breathing. I opened her mouth and put a drop of water in her mouth. She began breathing, so I started to clean her face off, because her eyes were not open. After I cleaned her off, she opened her eyes.” 

Police stated that the baby was dehydrated, but will recover.

The mother is 17 year old Harriet Hoyt, from Sayre, Pennsylvania. She is being charged with attempted murder. 

My question is where are Harriet’s parents and where is the father of this child? 


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