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Jackie Christie Defends Her Reputation

Jackie Christie is defending her reputation. She was featured on the Breakfast Club, where she discussed her position on the popular “BasketBall Wives” show, and her daughter Ta’Kari .

As you know, Ta’Kari has went on a rant about how her mother neglected her, and mentally abused her as a child.

 Jackie claims that she gave Ta’kari the world as a child. Jackie says that Ta’Kari is influenced by the people around. 

According to Jackie, Ta’Kari’s friends help her to put out false allegations, ruining Jackie’s image. Jackie also says that her daughter’s friends manipulates Ta’kari’s money.



The feud between the mother and daughter really got hot after Jackie did not visit Ta’Kari’s son in the hospital. The child suffered burns from  a daycare.Jackie-Christie-daughter-2-490x483

Ta’Kari is putting out a tell all book about her mom’s life, claiming that her mom was a booster and sold drugs.

Jackie says that she plans to sue Ta’Kari about the tell all book.

Is Ta’kari just after her mom’s money?





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