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When Is Too Late For College

I think this is a very debatable question. I don’t like to talk anyone out of accomplishing any goals, but there has to be a point in life when you say “O, my, I’m too old for that.”

However, how old is too old for college enrollment. I myself am a thirty five year old, trying to get a masters degree. According to recent research, at thirty five I should be in a career and settled. Well I’m not. I’m unemployed still trying to build a career for myself. Now don’t get me wrong, I have had decent jobs, but either I was fired or I just quit.

I can remember me working on my second bachelors. I was in my late twenties siting in a class full on fresh nineteen and twenty year olds. I remember the older students who often sat in the front and asked a million questions. I would wonder what lifestyle changes brought them back in a classroom to be tortured with countless assignments and students who’s only concern is what they would be wearing to the club that night.
I would watch them struggle at the computers in the libraries. Although I was in my late twenties, school was still fresh on my brains. I would try to help those struggling folks the best I could. Some would return the next semester and some you would never see again.
I remember asking a mature lady in her fifties what brought her back to school after so many years in the working field. Her answer was simple “The economy.” It seems that every job wants a person to have a bachelors or higher education. The way the world is set up its hard to live off just minimum wage. I myself have two degrees and the highest I have been paid on a job is thirty thousand dollars a year for a temporary job.
Now my income is my husbands and what I make off the internet. I’m a entrepreneur. The is crazy because I didn’t start out working for myself, but here I am a hustler on the web.
I do not want to be in my fifties still sitting in a classroom trying to get another college degree. I am educated out. Good luck to anyone else out there who has reached older adulthood and still in the classrooms learning. I guess it isn’t ever too late to start fresh at what every you chose.

Author Kim Elain


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