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Chicago Teen Found Dead In Rosemont Hotel Freezer

This weekend was a very tough one for the family of Kenneka Jenkins. The 19-year-old young lady was found dead in a freezer at the Rosemont hotel Sunday Morning. According to Sources Kenneka attended a hotel party with her best friend Monifah Shelton, and some other mutual friends.

There has been a frenzy on social media about what happened to Kenneka. The best friend Monifah Shelton stated on her facebook account that they all were just drinking and having fun together, but when asked what happened to her best friend Kenneka, Monifah cannot answer that question. Here is a status from Monifah



The mother Tereasa Martine said that Kenneka’s friends called her around 4 a.m. Sunday morning stating that Kenneka had gone missing. Martin said she arrived at the hotel around 5 a.m. looking for her daughter. After they could not find Kenneka they immediately called the police. 

Finaly, around 1 p.m. Sunday they discovered Kenneka’s body in the basement inside of the hotel’s walk in freezer. This is an actual picture of the hotel’s freezer where the body was found

Many people around the world suspect that Kenneka’s friends may know more about how this young lady died, especially after one of the friends went live inside the hotel party where Kenneka was last seen. 

On the video there is speculation that you can hear Kenneka in the background screaming “help”. There were men at the hotel.There is also speculation that Monifah was giving $200 from one of the men to get Kenneka at the hotel.

Listen to the video carefully and judge for your self.


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