Hello, I’m Kim Elaine. I am so happy that you are visiting my little blog. I am so excited to have you here experiencing my passions..

Please feel free to visit my commentary on YouTube to get the inside scoop of social issues from around the world as well as entertainment news. You can also visit the Instagram page @theeye.blog.








4 comments on “About

  1. Debra Harrison

    I have great ideas that I would like to share and add to your blog please contact me.


    • okay, what ideas


      • Debra Harrison

        This can be a place where people can express themselves like married couples. Everybody thinks that married couples have everything figured out when actually they don’t. Single people has the most to say about this topic. Married people verses single people. It will bring more views to site people will be willing to talk about anything expressing their opinions without being judged.


      • Sounds like a great idea.


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